Mushroom Hunting


It’s mushroom season big time! I’ve been walking the dogs in the woods and checking out all the fungus as I slowly learn to identify the different species of mushroom. There are sooo many… it’s been tricky, but I’m getting them one by one. Here are some shots of the mushrooms I’ve spotted out in the forest by my house lately.


^ Ozzy sniffs a Russula. Some Russulas are edible, particularly those with blush coloured caps like this one. I’m not confident enough to try them yet, but they are pretty easy to find so as I get better at identifying the edible ones I’ll give them a taste.


These pink gilled mushrooms stumped me last year. They look like field mushrooms but are found in the woods under tree cover so I don’t think that’s what they are. I love the colour though.



I believe these are also Russulas, though not the edible kind. They are everywhere along the trails and grow quite large as you can see!



These are Elfin Saddles (Genus Helvella) and are pretty unique. They have a chambered stem and a thin, floppy cap. They were once considered edible but have been downgraded to “suspect” as they are known to cause gastrointestinal upset, particularly if eaten raw.


These are some kind of puff, the inside is filled with green spores.


Some more Russulas that may be edible. As I was hunting this week I came across an older gentleman on a bike in the trails. He spotted me at the start of my search and when he saw my basket right away asked if I was hunting mushrooms. I said I was hoping to and went on my merry way. An hour later and on my way back I crossed paths with him again and he asked how the hunt was going. I showed him my basket and he named a few for me, then pulled out one of these Russulas. He named it and I asked if it was edible. He then took a bite of the cap which mildly horrified me, before spitting it out and explained that if the taste test burns your tongue or tastes really bitter then it is not edible. If it is mild and not unpleasant then it likely can be cooked and eaten. Never swallow the taste test bite, by the way. More on taste testing Russulas can be found here.


^ A young mushroom that hadn’t spread out its cap yet.


There are many really pretty varieties of mushroom out in the woods here, and I just want to note that I am not collecting any of them for eating. I’m just observing. And I recommend you do the same until you are sure you know what you are doing! ❤


  1. It’s amazing how many different kinds of mushrooms you are finding in one place! It’s too bad they all aren’t edible. Some of the giant ones would make a meal in and of itself! Neat post.

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