New Tattoo: Finger Dots


I got a new tattoo, and this one is extra neat because I did it myself. I have wanted to try stick n poke tattoos for a while now as I have many ideas for small graphics and symbols that I want tattooed but due to the small size I find I am reluctant to go to an actual shop for them. The artists I see would prefer to do larger pieces, and often shops charge a minimum on small tattoos that make them pretty pricey. Minimum charge used to be about $85 but most places now it’s more like $100. When I got my deathly hallows symbol I ended up paying $150 for about 20 minutes of tattooing… yeah. I’m not made of money! lol


J came home and saw that I had done my fingers and he wanted one too. I got all the stuff ready and winged it. The small cross on his thumb took about 10 minutes and I’m looking forward to seeing how much ink stays in the skin. Fun! Does anyone else out there do stick n poke tattoos??



    • Haha that’s ok! Stick and poke is when you do the tattoo yourself with a needle or pin. You dip the needle into the ink and ‘stick’ yourself with it until the design stays in the skin. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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