Halloween!! Where did this year go???? October 31st is also known as the start of Samhain which runs from sun down on the 31st to sun down on November 1st. It marks the beginning of the darker half of the year and the end of the harvest, two things that have a large impact here on the island. We have harvested the last of our garden for the year and any herbs that are going to be dried should be collected today before it is too late. I snipped back all the stevia and hung it to dry, and will likely grab some sage today as well. The dark months here have been especially tricky for me as there is so little daylight and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a super real thing, so Samhain is bittersweet.

Some people believe the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin and it is the time to communicate with the spirits. While I don’t actually believe we can speak to spirits on this day, it is fun to get spooky on Halloween (duh!)  It is also nice to take a moment to reflect back on the year and to celebrate the life of anyone who has passed.

In the spirit of spookiness here are some spooky objects I have acquired recently.


I’ve already blogged about the beautiful Starchild Tarot Deck created by my friend here on the island, Danielle. She is just about ready to launch a traditionally sized version of the deck so it’s a great time to pick up a deck if you are interested. I can’t say enough about how beautiful these cards are… they are just stunning. Danielle is working on a Moon Child deck which will be darker and I can’t wait to see it! She very generously gifted me a reading mat she produced a few years ago for tarot spreads which is full colour printed on thick canvas. Sooo pretty.


While I was in Rook & Rose a few weeks ago I spotted this super cute tarot deck called Spirit Speak and loved it right away. I couldn’t afford to buy it then, but bookmarked her etsy shop to visit later. I then mentioned it in conversation with Danielle and she said she had an extra set that I could have if I wanted it. I must have the best luck ever ❤ (I definitely have the best friends ever!)



And true love is when your husband finds a glow in the dark Ouija board at the thrift shop and snags it for you just ‘cuz. We’ve found two Ouija boards at the GIRO now which I think is kind of funny. No one wants to summon spirits anymore!? When my sister and I were kids we made a board with our two cousins and spent an entire summer fabricating a back story for a ghost boyfriend for Sara. Hahahaha. These boards were also a staple at just about every sleepover I’ve ever had. So creepy and fun. I’m excited to see the new Ouija: Origin of Evil horror movie when it comes out.

Have you got Halloween plans??

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