How to Make Spore Prints


MUSHROOMS. They are so pretty. So many different shapes, colours and sizes. So what to do with them all if you can’t eat them? Make spore prints! This is a great tool in learning to identify different types of mushrooms, and also makes a fun craft project for the fall.




I brought my basket out with me and collected a wide range of shapes and colours to bring back and photograph, then make spore prints with.



To make spore prints pick the best quality (most undamaged or dirty) mushroom caps you can find and trim the stem right off. Lay out some pages of paper and set the caps gill side down. I used white printer paper, but you could also use black paper for the lighter spores. This works best in a room away from disturbance (pets, open windows, etc) but you could also put a glass or bowl over the cap to prevent any breeze from disrupting the spores.


Let the caps sit overnight and in the morning carefully lift the caps to reveal the spores dropped from the gills.


Some of them don’t look like much but others are really clear!



The spore prints can be framed or used for whatever paper-craft you are into. I think they are sooo neat. Pro tip: when the prints are done, compost the mushroom caps ASAP. I left mine in a pile on the floor for a few days and when I came back the majority of them had essentially liquefied and made a big mess everywhere. That’s what I get for being a procrastinator hahaha. ❤



  1. I like the pics of the colorful mushrooms together! Who needs spore prints when you have such a gorgeous pic of all of them in all those colors?? (I’m just saying they are THAT GREAT) My mom agreed the pics are beautiful!
    I was thinking you were going to paint with the mushrooms! Lol. That would’ve been messy! 😂 I like the big dark noticeable ones, but it’s sad that the others are so hard to see,

    • I want to try again but on black paper so they show up. I’ve also heard you can use tinfoil or glass but it would wash off I think. I want to make prints of the mushroom pics, so many great colours!

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