The Great Propagation Success

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of the hoya and pothos clippings I was hoping would root in some water glasses I had set up. Well I’m happy to report that things have been working beautifully! The hoya in particular was quick to send out multiple roots and things seem to be going smoothly. I added a few more clippings to the water now that I know it will work and am hoping they will be well rooted by December when I hope to have them for the craft fairs. Plants are so neat!

^ the hoya roots

^ the pothos root


    • I’ve not tried a lot of propagating before, just succulents. My mom took a bunch of cuttings from her African violets that worked really well and after that I wanted to try propagating everything! She set up a glass of water with Saran Wrap over the top, then poked a tiny hole and supported the leaf that way so it didn’t get too soggy. Maybe that would help?

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