Making Baby Succulents!

You guys. Growing succulents is so easy. I posted a little while back that I was giving this a go, and look at the progress already! 

Succulents can be propagated easily by taking a leaf off your existing succulent plant and simply laying it on the surface of the soil in a dedicated planter, or even at the base of another plant. The leaf sends down roots and then poof! A little baby appears!! 

I found some 1″ pots at GIRO not too long ago and carefully transplanted each tiny baby into a very tiny home. They are SO CUTE I kind of want to burst each time I look at them. THE CUTE IS KILLING ME. 

When they get a bit more established I will trim away the original leaf and then the plant can do its own thing. Now I want to steal leaves off every succulent I see and make baby plants… 


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  2. […] Some of my tiny succulents are big enough now to be transferred to a slightly larger pot (they are still super small though) and I have a new wave of small succulent starts that are under way in my little greenhouse/fish tank. Not long ago these guys were itty bitty, it’s fun to watch them grow! (Here they are a few months ago) […]

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