Things I Love: Audrey Kawasaki


You guys, I think I have a problem. It’s a beautiful problem, but a problem none-the-less; I can’t stop buying Audrey Kawasaki prints. She’s just so dreamy and her art is stunning… it was recently announced that Audrey would be having an archive print sale of past print editions and artist proofs through Static Medium’s website. There hasn’t been a print sale for a while, so I set an alert in my phone and then promptly forgot about it. The day of the sale I didn’t see the alert on my phone, but sat down at the computer about an hour after it had started and saw the notice. Audrey’s print sales are NOTORIOUSLY FAST. Like, sold out in 10 seconds fast. You basically have to be poised and ready to refresh the screen and click like a maniac if you want to get one. Fans of her art are regularly left in the lurch when the limited print runs sell out and they couldn’t make a purchase. I’ve been lucky and have managed to get a print every time I’ve tried… maybe I have a good wifi connection? I don’t know. I’ve sat some sales out if I didn’t like the particular print offered, and once I forgot about a 24 hour timed print sale she held and missed out (oddly enough, it was for Charlotte which is what I just grabbed!) but all other times I’ve been successful.

I got lucky once again when even an hour after the sale started I was able to access the site and pick up a print. The traffic crashed the site and I guess it was down for a while after the floodgates opened… at about 1:15pm I was able to get the page to load and take a look at what was left. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I added this beautiful framed edition of Charlotte to my cart and went through the motions of checking out. I expected it to fail, and maybe my visa would have been better off if it had, but it worked! And now the print is in my house! This is the 7th print of hers that I have grabbed… maybe the reason no one else gets them is that I’m hogging them all hahahaha I’ll never stop though! <3<3<3


The prints I have managed to get:

My Dishonest Heart, signed and numbered limited edition of 200
Saying Goodbye, signed and numbered limited edition of 200
Yuuwaku, signed and numbered edition of 1330 (1 hour timed print sale)
She Entwined, signed and numbered limited edition of 300
Charlotte (Framed), signed and numbered limited edition of 150
Where I Rest, signed not numbered open edition print
Maybe Tomorrow, signed and numbered edition of 1600 (timed print sale)

Has anyone else got some Audrey in their collection??


  1. I’ve grabbed 8:
    Two sisters, hyakki yakou, where I rest, it was you, maybe tomorrow, manic, fragile and nocturne 🙂

    Especially envious of your yuuwaku! I’ve got 2 yuuwaku pillows though. And a showcard my dishonest heart of which I received purchasing her laser engraved brooch!

  2. I do not blog, but would love to come in touch with a fellow Kawasaki-nerd! 😂 if my e-mail is visible for you, feel free to contact me 🙂

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