Volume 2 of my DIY HANDBOOK Pre-order!


I have finally completed putting together volume 2 of my DIY HANDBOOK just in time for the winter season! This booklet is another 40 pages crammed with recipes and instructionals for all sorts of yummy winter weather food.

Included in this issue: How to make fresh mozzarella, spreadable goat cheese, cashew cream, paneer, growing your own sprouts, pickled onions, vegan nacho cheez, pesto, master tonic, veggie stock, polenta fries, mattar paneer, dal makhani, vegan pumpkin pasties, vegan pizza, frozen lemon meringue torte, vegan nutella, vegan turmeric milk, raspberry chocolate nanacream, gluten free and vegan spicy snickerdoodles, and gluten free and vegan peanut butter cookies.

The zine is filled with my own photos, recipes and drawings, and is mostly vegan though does have a couple of cheese recipes and a torte using eggs from our backyard chickens. The cover art is all done by me using autocad, photoshop and illustrator.

The pre-order listing is live as of today, please grab a copy before they are gone! If you would like to purchase one in person I will be at the craft fairs on Gabriola on December 3rd (at the school) and 10th (Community Hall). I will have copies of volume one and two until they run out.

Thanks everyone for the support!


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