Moon Box: Full Moon in Taurus ♉


The full moon (supermoon!) was 10 days ago on November 14th but I was in Vietnam so I missed performing the ceremony with my Moon Box. I just unpacked it and as usual it has lots of little goodies inside. The stones for the Taurus box are yellow jasper (orange tone), chrysocolla (greeny blue), and elemental sulphur (bright yellow). I really enjoy this subscription service as it encourages me to take time to myself, reflect on the previous moon phase and practice mindfulness and self-care. The tea and oil is great, and the stones are a nice treat as well. Definitely check it out if you are looking for an excuse to check in with yourself regularly (I know I never would otherwise!)

Full contents:
Elemental Sulphur, Chrysocolla, and Yellow Jasper.
MoonSouls ‘Floral Smudge’.
Ritual Radiance ‘Frankincense Beauty Balm’.
Taurus Moon Tea:
California Poppy. Damiana, Ashwagandha. Holy Basil. Thyme. Melissa. Wild Cherry Bark. Chrysanthemm. Goji Berry. Blended by Fruits to the Roots
Venus Inspired Moon Oil:
Rose. Palmarosa. Cardamom. Vetiver. Vanilla. Thyme.

From the email:

November 14, 2016
Planet: Venus // Sign: Taurus // Element: Earth

This Full Moon in Taurus couldn’t be arriving at a more perfect time. With the erratic energy of the past few weeks, we all need a little soothing sensation from our Mama Moon.

Truly, what the world needs now is to slow down and appreciate unity.

As you look up at the moon, observing the visibly largest moon we will see until 2034, remember no matter where you are on this vast planet, we are all looking at the very same moon.

Patience is key to the Taurus energy presented in this glorious Full Moon. We must welcome a steady and persistent way of being as a tool to open ourselves up to endless possibilities and potential.

Tauruses, represented by the symbol of the bull and ruled by the lovely goddess planet Venus, graze steadily while the madness of the wilderness continues on around them. There is a choice facing the bull – to stampede or to remain in harmony with the land. If we allow ourselves to tap into the latter, we have the opportunity to embody a strong and consistent force behind all that we do. This is the kind of force that is unwavering and untiring, committed to sustainable power, and crowned with grace and prestige.

Remember, this kind of strength is a privilege and an earned skill.

We must be conscious and careful to stay on course, remain rooted in compassionate empathy, and tethered to Love as our ultimate motivation for everything we do. Stay sensible, practical, responsible, yet flexible. Resist any urges for confrontation as that could lead to stale stubbornness, eradicating all progress.

Embrace the nurturing qualities of the element of Earth,
stay humble, and passionate.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and let others join you,
sharing in the wealth of hard work powered by Love, always!

You can subscribe here!


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