Vegan Cuts Starter Box


A few months ago I signed up for the quarterly makeup box from Vegan Cuts and as a new subscriber was given a 25% off coupon for their online store, so I thought I would check it out. I ordered a Vegan Starter Kit because it was a really great deal (plus the discount!) and before I knew it a whole box of snacks and recipes was at my house. I promptly ate all the snacks, there were so many neat products in there – especially the pipcorn. I am now flipping through the recipes and other information, including a movie I have yet to watch. I’m already mostly vegan so it’s not new information, but for someone who was looking to try out veganism it would be a cool place to start! The box was put together nicely and it really is a decent amount of stuff for the price. It looks like they are sold out for now but will replenish stock soon. Definitely check it out if you like snacking cruelty free ā¤



    • In theory it should be cheaper because you eat less processed food (they are usually not vegan) and aren’t buying expensive meat or fish. When I was buying lots of processed vegan alternatives (faux nuggets, vegan ice creams, fancy vegan dressings etc) it was definitely pricey. Switching to more inexpensive staples like rice, pasta, and noodles has been a big money saver. Then you just add veggies and lentils – which are also fairly inexpensive.

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