Crafting in Progress…


Since returning from the trip I have been fairly motivated to get some loose ends tied up including finishing off the second volume of my DIY Handbook, completing a half started weaving, and using up some of the embroidery hoops I have collected. I’m also hoping to prepare some more planters, propagate some more succulents, and start working on my tarot deck. Only a few things on the go, right? Ha.

If you are on Gabriola and will be visiting the craft fairs I have tables on December 3rd at the school – split with Danielle of Starchild Tarot! and December 10th at the Community Hall – split with my amazing sister and her baked goods. Please come say hi! I will have hanging planters, angora, embroideries, cookies and both volumes of the handbook. Plus maybe a weaving ❤ Anything that doesn’t sell at the fairs will go onto my Etsy after the 10th though I’m not sure I can guarantee delivery by Xmas at that time. The picture above is one of the embroideries I am working on. More to come!


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