How Do You Track Your Travel?


I really enjoy traveling to new locations and seeing new things. Who doesn’t?? Lucky for me J likes to travel too and we have gone on quite a few trips together in the last 4 years. We have our own ways of logging travel; a collection of travel guides for the cities we have visited, a photo album/scrapbook, and a world map marked with pins. I have also been collecting tattoos from various cities I have visited including artwork from Manchester, London, Montreal, Toronto, Honolulu, and most recently Ho Chi Minh City. I think it’s super fun to do stuff like this, especially to look back on pictures from previous trips and scan the world map for places we would be interested in going to next.

Having a blog is also a helpful way to keep track of everything! Haha. What do you do to track your travel?


^ Just added a pin to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Yellow pins are for cities J and I have visited together, white pins are where I have been and black pins are for where J has been. This photo marks my trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima when I was 14.


^ Some more pins marking travel we have done together (Honolulu, Toronto, Montreal, Niagra Falls), along with some pins of mine for Cancun, Halifax, Los Angeles, and New York among others.


^ We have the most pins in Europe! Our travel together includes Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Huddersfield and some more of England. J has pins in Spain, Germany, Greece, Serbia, France and Morocco. I’ve got pins in Dover, Paris, Lucerne, Zurich, Venice, Rome and Florence.


^ A few pages from our album. We like to do really touristy things when we travel lol.



    • Pictures for sure! I love the blogging aspect as well, with tags and categories and everything it’s really easy to pull up old photos and keep the memories fresh πŸ’ž

  1. We have maps where you can scratch away the country to reveal gold or silver underneath. I’m so jealous of the photo albums complete with ticket stubs, they are beautiful and something to share and keep! x x x

  2. What do the red pins mean? I saw one in Panama…you need to come to Michigan!
    If I had a map, I would have no pins in anything…I’ve been to Cali, AZ cause I’m from there, and Michigan bc I live here. Oh, and Maine as a kid to visit my aunt. That is IT. Sigh.

  3. Really enjoyed this, thanks for the share! If you’re up for it, we’re currently hosting a writing challenge on and the topic is #Travel. If you have the time and interest, would love for you to share some of your stories.

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