Shopping in Ho Chi Minh


We don’t often do much shopping while traveling. I like to travel light (one bag only) and don’t feel that inclined to stock up on material goods during a trip, it’s more about the experiences and photography apart from collecting some small momentos. This trip I did make 2 purchases (excluding the small stuff like a $2 owl figurine and incense sticks) and I’m pretty happy with them! First is a, surprise surprise, tarot set from LT Tarot, an upstairs cafe with a huge cabinet of tarot decks for sale. I was hoping the prices would be cheaper than the sets online, but I think it was pretty comparable in the end if not maybe a bit cheaper. A nice bonus is that with your purchase of a deck (I chose the Fountain Tarot) you get a cloth bag for the cards as well as a bottle of stones of your choice. Because of the language barrier I thought I was being asked to pick a single stone for free from the bottles on the shelf, but when I selected black onyx I was given the entire bottle. Woot!



This deck is stunning, take a look at the artwork here. The cards are a very thick card stock with silver around the edges and a guidebook is included. Excellent quality.


We also found our way to a small arts area in District 1 that had a lot of really great housewares shops. I immediately fell in love with the ceramics at SADEC and grabbed quite a few pieces. The exchange rate was so good that these little spoons were about $2 each in CAD… not bad! I got 2 sets of tiny dishes and a selection of long and short spoons to go with them. I’m not sure what to use them for, really, but they are sooo adorable and I like miniature things haha.



For now the spoons are in a glass vase in the sun room. I love the colours so much they look great just as decoration! I also made a mini Ho Chi Minh vignette with the glass jar including a small bowl, tiny owl figurine, layer of rose tea from the market, and finally a coaster from the restaurant we had drinks in on our last night. And that’s everything I brought home! Does anyone else collect little trinkets to remember their travels?



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