Ideas for the Fox Tarot


I’ve streamlined the process for putting together my DIY Handbooks so they can be compiled relatively quickly, once I have all the recipes tested and photos taken. I’ve got a bunch of ideas for volume 3, but I probably won’t be printing it until the spring. In the meantime I obviously need to start another large scale project to keep me busy, and I’ve decided to create my own tarot deck. I’m not sure yet what it’s going to look like in the end, but I’ve got lots of ideas! Above is a grouping of some test cards I put together today, 1-10 of Knives (or Swords). I’m also really interested in the plain black & white graphics below. It will be fun to figure out this puzzle, anyone have an immediate preference? I’ll post more info as progress is made. ā¤ļø



  1. Personally, I like the colors. Black and white is nice and all, but when looking at them constantly, the colors will help them stand out. I think the sword cards are gorgeous and I would want some!

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