DIY Handbook 2 Volume Bundle


I’ve gotten a third wave of prints for the first volume of my DIY Handbook, and now I also have my first printing of the second volume! They look great this time around, very glossy and on really nice cardstock. I’ve moved cities for work so I’m now printing at Victoria’s microprintery Metropol, they are really amazing.

This weekend my whole shop is 15% off! Use coupon code “holidaze2016” at checkout. Expires Monday.

Please head over to my Etsy shop and pick up a bundle for the holiday! I pay up front for these print runs so if I make my money back I can chalk it up as a success. If it is mailed out with Canada Post by Monday or Tuesday there’s a good chance it will arrive in time for the 25th. Thanks so much for the support!! Support artists and indie business ❤




  1. Wow, how fun to live on an island and do what you love. Looks like a great place. I’m nor sure where Gabriola Island is but anywhere in Canada is beautiful.

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