The Rest of the Mini Kitchen Facelift


A few days ago I revealed one side of our kitchen upgrade, and now we have completed the other side for the time being. We removed the cabinets on this side as well, including the over-stove cabinet and greasy old hoodfan.


This is a temporary upgrade until we are able to replace the lower cabinets and install new countertops, dishwasher, sink and faucet. And after pulling the laminate backsplash off I can’t wait to replace it all… it’s gross under there! I don’t even want to think about what is growing under the edges of the surface mount sink. Blarf.


Notice anything missing over the stove? The hoodfan is gone but in taking it down we also noticed it was never vented in!! No wonder everything in our kitchen is greasy, the hoodfan wasn’t venting the cooking smells outside it was just blowing them around inside hahaha.



Until we have the wall tiled and a new hoodfan to install (properly!) we will use this little pipe shelf for pots and pans storage. It just needs a couple short boards and it’s complete.


Taking the upper cabinets off made a huge difference! The space feels so much bigger and the countertops are easier to work at. There are less shadows too, which is nice. The semi-gloss white paint really brightened things up and the huge shelving unit has replaced some of the storage we took away.


J built this pipe shelf to house the appliances and large dishes in a space that was otherwise underused. It was really quick to put together and is just made with conduit piping, plywood boards and a coat of sealant. We thought a solid unit here would be a bit too heavy so we went with the open style and are quite happy with it.



Here’s a before and after to see the changes we have made since buying the house. Sure would love to change the tile floor! Haha.




  1. you both continue to make your home a very special personalized place! Without the cupboards, the space really does look bigger!! well done to both of you – a good design/build couple! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. This looks great! Way less 70s. Or, just the cool part of the 70s. Lol. And the pipes graphically echo the black lines behind the orange cabinets as well as the colour of the dark wall in the other room. Fabulous.
    Btw, I had crappy lower cabs in my 40s kitchen and by just changing the closing system (either those magnets or grab/catch rollers) I was able to save my cabinets. That hardware is @ $2 pop at “Home Despot” if you’re interested. I also rigged really cheap pull outs/sliders with salvaged hardware. Lots of Re-stores carry this hardware too. Enjoy your awesome kitchen! πŸ™‚

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