Moon Box: Full Moon in Gemini ♊


Another month another full moon! This past week the full moon fell on Tuesday the 13th and it was in Gemini. The Moon Box this month has some great surprises in it including a bath salts bundle and a coconut pulling oil with peppermint. Also included was the usual tin of loose leaf tea, oil roll on and 3 new crystals – Labradorite, Pyrite, and Opal.


From the email:

Moon Box Contents:

Pyrite, Opal, and Labradorite.

Fruits to the Roots ‘Trinity Bath Soak’.

Rachelle Robinett Rx ‘Coconut Pulling Oil’.

Gemini Moon Tea:
Peppermint. Vanilla. Elderberry. Rose Hips.
Cacao. Lavender. Yerba Santa. White tea
Blended by Fruits to the Roots

Venus Inspired Moon Oil:
Juniper. Bergamot. Basil. Cinnamon.
Lavender. Nutmeg. Vanilla.


Also from the email:

DECEMBER 13, 2016
Planet: Mercury // Sign: Gemini // Element: Air

Welcoming the twin Full Moon in Gemini, bringing us just what we all need right now, an opening in self-reflection and self-awareness.

To make any meaningful change in the world, we must first make the necessary changes within ourselves.

Many of the flaws we find in others are flaws we have yet to master ourselves. Everything we see is a reflection of our perspective and perception. So especially now, under the illuminating guidance of the full moon, may we all look deeply into our own hearts and ask ourselves to put our best foot forward.

How do you show up in your life? Are you proud of what you offer to the Universe? And how can share that authentically?

With the radiant stars of Gemini, there is no doubt the party has arrived! Social responsiveness and likability are the most well known traits of many Geminis. The sign tends to be quick witted and naturally adaptive to any situation. These stars evoke a sense of duality within us, largely due to Gemini’s rulers: the element of wind and the shape-shifting planet Mercury.

This is represented again in the zodiac symbol of the twins. In their balanced form, the twins are safely flexible, versatile, accepting, and easy-going in any given moment. However, this gift for negotiation can easily become a curse when communication is not conscious. Shadowed by superficiality and fear of depth, the effects of the Gemini Full Moon might push us to jump to conclusions too quickly.

To curb this influence, practice listening so to not interrupt others’ expressions of Self, energetically or literally. Avoid dominating the conversation and focus on allowing the true expression of both or all parties to be the goal of any interaction. The tendency associated with this time in the cosmic calendar is rapid change and swift shifts. As this is inevitable, it is that much more crucial that we train our awareness to be an active listener, a conscious communicator, and a unifier. With this skill, we can harness the dazzlingly contagious Gemini energy to always be the life of the party, in the best way possible.

Lead by example and raise the vibration this Full Moon, everywhere you go!



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