Things I Love: Crystal Ball


You know it’s true love when they buy you love potions and crystal balls. J bought me this really cool selenite crystal ball and it’s perfect for my tarot table! I used the bracelet I wore for my wedding as a little stand and really love the look.


I’ve been thinking about doing e-mail tarot readings, would anyone be interested in that?



  1. Beautiful.
    I’m not sure how accurate the readings would be by email. I’ve done them by distance before but had the person still immediately involved, telling me by text when to stop shuffling, and they were accurate. I’m curious as to the accuracy when the person is not directly and immediately involved in the process…? Have you done them that way before? What was the outcome?

    • I’ve done readings for people where they basically ask a question and I draw three cards and try to offer solutions. But yes it’s not the same as a hands on interaction. I think it could go either way; helpful or totally puzzling. I’d like to give it a try though, a friend was really successful at doing email readings! Thanks for reading 💞

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