Why Do We Do These Things?


Apparently we like to get ahead of ourselves here in the house. Pull the carpet out before we have any plans, take the brick fireplace surround down with nothing to replace it, start pulling down upper cabinets in the kitchen. I guess it’s a way to force us to prioritize the project because once it’s started we can’t stand to look at it unfinished haha.

J pulled the horrible plastic surround off our tub as stage one to replacing the bathtub, faucet and shower head. And adding TILES. Who knows when that is actually going to happen though! šŸ™‚


Here’s what we are stuck with until we have the money to spruce it up…



  1. i have found that the habitat for humanity people usually have warehouses full of stuff people can buy for their home repairs. Check and see if there is one nearby to get things to finish the bath or refinish the fireplace. You can actually collect rocks to finish the fireplace. they just take cleaning and a bucket of mortar to put up[.

  2. Ha – we did that with our kitchen renovation, when I started tearing off the lower cabinet doors and figured “I’m sure we can figure out how to build something”…and a month and a half later we FINALLY had everything working.

  3. I take my hat off to you. I lived in a home that had no kitchen well it had some cupboards. Luckily we owned an ran a restaurant so we could eat and drink there. Sold the restaurant then did the renovations eeek. A new kitchen , updated bathroom, etc. sold the house and moved further up north in Qld . Never ever again.

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