2016 Wrap Up


Well, somehow another year has passed and it’s time to look back on what we accomplished. This year had some pretty great highs and a few lows towards the end, but I feel good about what we have managed to get done.

  1. Early in the year we made some improvements on the driveway and front of the house.
  2. Suzie injured her back and spent months recovering.
  3. We made the back garden look really nice for a time.
  4. We also built up all the remaining space in the enclosure with planters. And then we filled them all!
  5. We welcomed two new bunnies to the house, Toast and Licorice, and successfully bonded them.
  6. We made some improvements to the TV room downstairs.
  7. We painted a lot of our walls dark. (Here, and here, and here)
  8. I learned how to make a bunch of new things (Sourdough bread, tofu, soy milk, ginger soda, water kefir, soy yogurt, and more)
  9. We got engaged and married!
  10. We upgraded our entry closet.
  11. We started a new bunny castle.
  12. We completely re-did the guest room/home office, including new flooring, and a new bed and desk.
  13. We had beautiful engagement and wedding photos taken!
  14. After a series of losses, we decided to re-home our chickens and convert the coop to a tool shed.
  15. I wrote and self-published a zine on vegan food!
  16. We helped rescue and re-house a little dog from Vancouver.
  17. We welcomed another rescue cat into our house.
  18. We completed our cook book shelf, finally.
  19. We got some new furniture.
  20. I learned a lot more about mushrooms.
  21. And about how to propagate succulents and other plants.
  22. I participated in the Flower Project.
  23. We went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  24. I wrote and self-published a second volume of my vegan food zine.
  25. We put a roof on our wood pile, finally.
  26. We did a small renovation on our kitchen.
  27. I wrote a post on how to save a life.
  28. We started a portion of the bathroom renovation.
  29. I started a tarot deck of my very own, created a lunar calendar for 2017, designed new business cards, and am preparing to launch a line of natural cosmetic products 


  1. Sounds like a great year! Are those hops on the side of your house? My husband and I are hoping to put some up either against our shed or on one side of our house 🙂
    Also, your wedding and engagement photos are gorgeous! Congratulations!

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