Caring for Succulents


I used to be terrible at keeping house plants. My condo was north facing so the light was always minimal, I over-watered, I under-watered, I used a lot of very small pots which dried out quickly, my cat used any large planters as a toilet… I made a lot of mistakes and thought I was just never going to be a crazy plant lady. Well, that’s not the case now as I have turned into a plant wizard. The ones I particularly love because they are so easy to care for are succulents. THEY ARE SO CUTE. And they love being forgotten about! AND they make little babies! There is so much win with succulents. Here’s how to care for indoor succulents.


As I mentioned back in my caring for air plants post, all plants need light and water to survive. Succulents like sunlight and need at least 6 hours a day of direct light. This works well for us now as our house is south facing and our windows let in a ton of light. There are also some types of succulents that do well with less light (including the haworthia) that you could consider if you don’t have lots of sunlight in your home.

You only need to water your succulent thoroughly once every 2-4 weeks. During the winter this can be less as succulents tend to go dormant for the season, and in the summer a little more often as the heat can dry out the soil quickly. Succulents prefer to be in dry soil so allow it to dry completely between waterings. Don’t keep the soil moist. Succulents also don’t like to be misted, so don’t spray them.

Succulents tend to do better in pots with ventilation as it allows the soil to dry faster, and glass is actually not considered ideal because it doesn’t allow air to circulate as freely, but I’ve never had a problem and am careful not to over water. And that’s it! They are happy to sit in a sunny window and have a drink of water once a month. So easy!



  1. I still find it fascinating that the plants I was surrounded by growing up can actually be loved. I hated those plants bc all I wanted were pretty flowers and vegetation. And all that was around: cactus and succulent plants. But I grew up in a completely different climate and you live in the climate I always wanted. I guess if I grew up here (in Michigan), I wouldn’t hate them so much. I mean, they are kind of cute, aren’t they?

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