Triangle Shelf


As we make the push to produce items to fill the market table I hope to snag for this year, we’ve also been putting together some neat things to help with the table display. J made this really nice triangle shelf for me to show my personal care products and I just love it! It’s a good prototype for more if we can find the time to assemble a few for the spring season.

It was a pretty simple project; I bought a pine 1×6 board and J cut it into pieces that fit together as a triangle, and added a small shelf in the centre. One the boards were cut perfectly he nailed them in place and filled the gaps with some wood putty. After it dried for a few days J sanded the putty smooth and applied a few coats of ebony stain. Ta da!

I can’t wait for the market season and to have a spot for the first time… woo!





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