Thrift Scores


I feel like I might be entering black belt territory when it comes to my thrift game. I’ve recently picked up a second super comfy chair for the sun room in a great apple green colour, along with some neat little brass and glass triangular side tables, a 3 tiered brass and glass plant stand, a whole bunch of plant vessels, cook books, owl figurines for my collection… the list goes on.

Who else out there likes to troll the thrift shops?? I’m pretty obsessed.



^ Now the pups each have their own chair in the sun room hahaha.


Everything in these photos was bought at a thrift shop… including the rugs, fabric, furniture, vases, even the tarot cards and the hunk of amethyst.


^ Just picked up this hilariously tacky pink ceramic bunny… it’s just so cute. It also makes a convenient card holder. ❤


  1. you have a keen eye for “keepers” at thrift shops! well done – I’ve shopped sale racks for years, but my skill is not nearly as good as yours!! 💋 Black belt indeed!!!

  2. everything in our house, minus three pieces of furniture was obtained either in a thrift shop or on the side of the road throwaways repurposed for use. good on YOU! Excellent job.

  3. Thrift is the way to find some awesome scores! I love checking out some deals and finding some one of a kind pieces! I used an old small “model” refrigerator that is a 50s pink Westinghouse for a great cabinet! An old refurbished locker is now my DVD holder! I love thrift and antique!

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