A New Kitchen Tool


This year for the holidays J and I agreed to get the house one gift from the both of us and not buy anything else (that’s a fancy way of saying we bought a mixer, I guess haha). We’ve wanted one for a while but the cost was pretty off-putting and we just couldn’t afford it. This December we both had some extra cash and the model we wanted was on sale at the Bay ($150 off!) so we decided to take the plunge. We spent a long time thinking about the colour we wanted as Kitchenaid has a pretty wide range of shades available, and chose Tangerine to match our orange cabinets. We ordered it and when it finally arrived we were so excited to get started mixing things, but when J opened it they had sent us the wrong colour. Normally we are pretty roll-with-the-punches, but it happened to be the margarine yellow colour that we liked the least haha.



In the end I exchanged it in Victoria while I was down for work and went with the obvious choice of Licorice. I just used it to make my first batch of sourdough in a long while and it worked soooo well! I’ve not had much (or any) time to spend on baking so I hadn’t been doing much with my starter. The Kitchenaid kneaded the dough so much better than I could by hand! And it was way less cleanup, no more sticky starter all over my hands and countertop 🙂


We also moved the TV out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where I tend to want TV background noise more often. The kitchen feels very swanky now-a-days ❤



  1. Your bread is amazing!! The loaves you brought to Thanksgiving Dinner were devoured quickly. Knowing that your machine makes kneading easier is fabulous – I liked the butter yellow colour, but like the licorice even better!!
    TV in kitchen – absolutely! great idea. You guys just keep getting things more and more refined. Well done!

  2. I LOVE my KitchenAid stand mixer, it is a life saver.
    Also, I just have to say that “Peep Show” is one of my favorite shows! My husband and I Netflix binge watch episodes from time to time. I think we’ve gone through all of the available episodes 4 times haha

  3. Mine is cobalt blue because my sister gave me hers. If I had chosen I would have done tangerine or boysenberry. Now they have raspberyy ice and metallic colors so I don’t know what I would do. With a neutral color it will always go with everything. YOu have the cool feeder lid too. I need one of those.

  4. My mom has one and it lasts forever! Licorice is a good color in case you ever tire of the Orange on the cabinets or ever go to upgrade and decide to sell as it will appeal to a larger market. So good choice! (That margarine color was nasty…it literally looked like butter…ick).

  5. Many tools make our life easier! Or tastier!
    I love different instruments for the kitchen. And I like the result of your tool!

  6. I love my KitchenAid. When I retired, that was the first thing I bought and I have almost all of the attachments. The two most used appliances in my kitchen are the KitchenAid and my DeLonghi Espresso machine.

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