Cacti Everywhere!


There is a house on Gabriola called Cactus House and it is filled with cacti! A woman named Marianne lived there with her collection of cacti and had workshops on Saturday afternoons (here’s an article featuring Marianne and her collection). I did not meet Marianne and only just learned about Cactus House, and a little too late as she sadly passed away last year. 

Her house is now on the market and something had to happen with all the cacti, so they are being liquidated through the local garden centre. This is VERY EXCITING for me because I love cacti and I also love the idea of rehousing plants that were loved so well by another person. We took a look at the selection available on Monday and were blown away by how many beautiful plants there were, and so cheap! There are two tables of $5 and $10 cacti that are still a decent size, and for slightly more there are lots of really established cacti. She had been collecting for 40 years so some of them are pretty mature. 

The Cactus House is shown in this video as garden tour #4. So many plants!!! It’s incredible. 


In the end I brought 12 of them home. They are gorgeous and so big! Finding large cacti is challenging, and then when you do find them they are super expensive (like, hundreds of dollars!!) And many of these came in lovely ceramic pots, too. So amazing. 

In addition to the cacti I got this huge haworthia!! It’s amazing! 

^ Hand there for scale! 

^ Hand for scale!

I’m very happy to care for these cacti and carry on Marianne’s collection. ❤️ 


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