The Fox Tarot Kickstarter!

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my tarot cards lately, but I wanted to post an update with all of the major arcana cards I have completed so far! There are 22 total and I’m sitting at 16 complete. Not much left to go now! 

Please take a look at my Kickstarter so I can fund the initial print run of 500 decks. There are different levels of support, and you will get a deck (or multiples!) when they are ready. I really want to make this project a reality so help if you can. The project is only funded if the target goal is reached. I did it this way as for my last fundraiser I used GoFundMe which was great, but I didn’t reach my target and I had to foot the majority of the bill to honour the pre-purchases that were made. This way the project only goes ahead if it is fully funded. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that has already helped out! There is a little over 2 weeks left ❤️

Link is on the right of my blog main page, and also right here!!

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