RIP Millie


Millie saw the vet for the 3rd time yesterday and we confirmed she has somehow broken her back. She has lost the use of her hind legs so she can’t binky, stomp, or run around. Things bunnies love to do!

Because she can’t feel her legs, or maybe she has lost feeling in this area as well, she has been urinating on herself which has been making a big mess and causing urine scald on her legs and feet. It’s very painful looking but she is acting very stoic about all of it. She is still eating and drinking just fine, and we are gently washing her legs and bottom every other day to prevent the scald from getting worse. We have also been using the healing calendula salve I made to treat her irritated skin which is supposed to help.

After a discussion with the vet it was decided that Millie’s quality of life following the injury will be too impaired. Her legs are very badly burned and it is obviously painful for us to clean them for her. We considered amputating her legs but that would not solve the urine problem (even when the vet picked her up for the examination the urine just poured out of her and all over everything) so she would still need constant cleaning in addition to a cart that would enable her to move around.



^ Millie’s feet in the first week or so following the injury.


I am going to miss this little bunny. She was the smallest and cutest of the bunnies and it’s already been 2 years since we brought her home. She spent her final day lounging in the sun and I hope she is resting peacefully now. <3<3<3 RIP Millie



  1. So sorry for you and your little friend. I was walking my dog a few years ago here on Gabriola and saw a feral rabbit that wasn’t hopping away . It was paralyzed. So I called GROWLS and they asked me to take it to the Vet. I did. They said that rabbits get a virus that paralyzes their hind quarters and the poor thing had to be put down. I felt bad , but the Vet told me that I saved it from an agonizing death in the cold and wild.

  2. It is so hard to lose a loved one. They don’t know what’s going on so it is the biggest act of love we can give them when we are forced to make these decisions.
    You made the right call.
    I hope you get through this. RIP little Millie the bunny! 😔

  3. Oh I am so so sorry on losing your beautiful Millie xxx…gentle hugs. Losing a pet is so hard. Im sure she is hoping around over the rainbow bridge, my 2 dogs Beth and Gene would have been there to welcome her xx

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