The Garden in February


It has been a long and difficult winter around here. The garden is looking pretty grim right now, but I wanted to document it so later this year we can see how much improvement there has been. There are snow drops up already, and our daffodils have started coming up as well! Everything else looks terrible hahaha. We are almost ready to dump gravel in the back yard to cover the pathways, and we may also have some large planters coming our way soon.


The Mediterranean spurge I transplanted last year have grown super huge!



We still have a couple mushrooms hanging around too.


^ Snow drops in January!


^ Another spurge transplant



  1. You both have such a wonderful piece of property there on the island!
    Any time you want to pick up some large plant pots – they are here for ya – πŸ˜„πŸŒžπŸŒ±

  2. It doesn’t look terrible! I envy your bits of green. Keep the faith as soon all will be growing abundantly and you will wonder when a good rest will be available!

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