The Owl Collection


Does anyone else out there like collecting? I was a HUGE collector as a kid… trolls, playmobil, stuffed animals, you name it. I continue to be an avid collector of many things (books, comics, nail polish, cook books, houseplants, spices, etc etc) but try to stick with things that are practical, except when it comes to owls.

This collection started quite a few years ago and hasn’t grown too out of control, though I did trim it back when we moved and I kept only my real favourites. This is probably one of my more restrained collections as I have become really picky about the owls I pick up. I see them at Value Village all the time but for some reason their little knick-knacks and figurines are priced pretty high for what they are. Often little ceramic owls that should be $2.99 and under are more like $7 or $9, and that takes the fun out of it. They are meant to be funny little extras I grab when I find one I like, but not be a major purchase. So I’ve only picked the cream of the crop!


I’ve been gifted owls through the years by people at work as well as family and friends which makes the collection more sentimental for me. I also have two crystal owls that each have a memorable story for me; the light amethyst owl was given to me by a resident when I was working in Blood Alley 8 years ago, and the jade one I picked up in Shanghai on the way home from Ho Chi Minh. It was actually kind of a funny story, we had a layover in Shanghai and as we browsed the shops to kill time I saw this little jade owl. I read the price with my mind still in Vietnamese Dongs and thought it was just a few dollars so I bought it and we went to sit in the waiting room. J asked me how much it was and when I looked at the receipt I realized I had just paid $77CAD for a 1.5″ stone owl. I went back to return it because it was too expensive, and instead of taking the return the manager of the shop started to negotiate how much money they would give back to me but still allow me to keep the owl. So even after I had paid, they were willing to haggle the price of the owl which I thought was kind of funny. So in the end I got it for less than $20. 🙂




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