Moon Box: Full Moon in Leo ♌


The full moon in Leo was this past Friday, along with a lunar eclipse AND a rare comet, and wow was it ever intense. Some people might find it funny to think about how the moon affects the people around you, but I definitely notice when the moon is full at my work as full moon days tend to be busier, more intense, and often bigger events happen as people are affected by the change in energy. Try it yourself next full moon; pay attention to the things happening around you and see if they are more unusual than normal. This past Friday my work shift was a real doozy. Seriously. I can’t talk about work stuff, but I will say that my intuition was in overdrive or something because I had a very strong and sudden feeling to do something that I don’t normally do at work, and it lead me to a discovery that will probably haunt me forever but also has the power to teach me a lot.

In this month’s box:

– Citrine, Carnelian, & Obsidian Arrowhead.

– Earth & Element ‘Branded Palo Santo’
– Fruits to the Roots ‘Botanical Hair Rinse’
– a ‘Sun & Moon’ Loup Hair Up Set

Leo Moon Tea:
Hawthorn Berry, Calendula, Ashwagandha, Rooibos, Hibiscus, Dandelion Root, & Melissa.
Blended by Fruits to the Roots

Leo Moon Oil:
Cinnamon, Frankincense, Blood Orange, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vanilla, & Lavender.
Blended by Cottage Traditions


The colour palette of this box was really pretty! And as always, Danielle’s moon card is gorgeous.

From the e-mail this month:

Planet: Sun // Sign: Leo // Element: Fire

It’s that time again, MoonBox Community! And this cycle round we’ve got a Lunar Eclipse and rare comet coursing through the sky along with our full Mama Moon! This means we’re supercharging the emotions of this stirring energy with rapid change and soul awakening!

Think back to the last Lunar Eclipse in September or 2016. Whatever started at that moment in time is in for a shift of some kind. Whether in the form of an abrupt ending, a new beginning, or sharp turn in direction, something has got to give.

Change is in the air and the last thing you want to do is fight it!

It is officially time to courageously open your heart to the Full Moon in Leo!

This sign is deeply rooted in the unification of the heart and spine – the support system of temple that is your body. Often associated with the image of a brave Lion with a full mane, Leo energy is regal, proud, confident, and empowering.

This Full Moon stands for stepping into personal strength and divine truth – the essence of pure love. Pure love is an offering of the Self in an authentic and real way. This is what the Leo Full Moon is all about…

Be yourself, fearlessly and meaningfully.

The element here is fire, fueled by the Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun. Bright and expansive, the Sun is the life-force of the Universe,
just as a lion is the guiding light of the entire Animal Kingdom.

Under the light of this lustrous moon, explore your passions, engage in soulful movement, and power up your creativity! Flex the muscles of your beating heart, offering empathy and forgiveness to those who need it, including yourself. Be heartfelt, for the shadow side of Leo can be quick aggression, which can be easily tamed with a strong and open heart.

Just as a true, balanced Leo would, take this time to let go of any grudges and heal any wounds by accepting the apologies you may never receive.

Allow the strength of the heart to calm any egoic pride. Stand tall and proudly in your own truth while leaving room for others to do the same.

Remember, your spine is the backbone to your body, and your heart is the backbone to your life.



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