This Closet is Massive


One of the most enjoyable things about being home owners is that we can start demolishing things on a whim if we feel like it, haha. Our closet has two bi-fold doors separated in the middle by a painted board with a mirror on it. We both hate the doors and the board bit is a little janky. There are shelves on the back that we just use to hide things we don’t want to look at and should probably just throw away, so J just ripped the whole thing out the other day.

It has been super hard to photograph the bedroom since we painted it a dark colour, so these photos are terrible but it’s all I got. There is now a hole in the floor where they installed the floor boards around the boarded thing, but I just put a rug over it haha. Problem solved! We will have to paint the inside (it’s still the original colour of the bedroom), and J wants to convert the hang rod to a pipe system like the entry closet which will allow us to install a double hang rod and get twice as much closet space. This thing is already surprisingly big now that we’ve taken out the board that covered almost 1/3 of it, but it could even hold twice as much haha.

I’ll update as we make progress 🙂




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