Garden Work Begins


It is still cold and rainy, but we started to clean the garden up to prepare for a gravel delivery and I’m super excited to be getting a move on already!

We had a few things that needed doing;

Pull the passionflower out of the way of the path

Rake the pathways and level the ground, starting on the green gate side.

Trim back all dead plants

Unstring yellow rope to fix the wonkiness of the planter

Clear away dead hops vines on balcony

Reinforce wonky planter and patch gaps at the base, removing old carpet

Sweep side stairs

Turn planter soil

Set aside pathway pavers

Drain rainbarrels

Move olive tree – We will have to come back for this one, that thing is heavy!

Reinforce rest of planters with palette wood



^ The yellow “trellis” we set up last year pulled the planter a little tight and the side has become raised. We pulled out the rope to set the planter right, closing the gap between the planter bottom and the ground where the new gravel will go. After pulling out the rope it was super easy to clear away all the dead hops, the rope just slipped right out of the coils.


^ We are finally almost finished with this side stair, the last step just needs a bit of post crete and then it is complete! Next will be to tidy up the bunny area by finally finishing the door and tidying up the electrical cord. The shot above also shows the draining water barrel (#2) and the big puddle of water that came out of it. The water in there had been sitting for a long time and we’ve had lots of rain lately so we thought we would clean them out.


^ Rain barrel #1 by the back door


^ Rain barrel #3 up by the carport. This one needs to be raised because nothing fits under the spigot. This is right beside the new bunny castle, which we are also really hoping to finish this spring!


Some views of the freshly raked backyard, ready for gravel.



We’ve also got lots of plants starting to wake up already! Here are some shots of the plants that are starting to grow (which I am sooooo happy about):


^ The hops are sprouting already


Our wood shed is now totally full! Plus a few other areas so we should be good for a few years now which is great. Firewood is actually really expensive, about $270 for a cord (4’x4’x8′ = 128 cubic feet.) and we have been lucky enough and have not had to buy any yet. Because J bucked up and moved all this wood it was free. It sure looked like a lot of work though! The first picture in this entry shows the stack at the side of the house too. Most excellent.


  1. Sooooo exciting!!!! I can feel the garden fever kicking in. I’ve started some seeds for my veggies garden so the season has officially commenced here in Toronto as well. Your garden is looking great!

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