Succulent Progress


My succulents have been making lots of progress lately, despite winter being a slow season for growth. I’ve got a wave of little babies growing bigger and a few very small ones that are just starting out. 



^ I stole a leaf on this little bubble looking succulent and am going to attempt a baby. It’s such a cute little thing!



This was one of the plants I got from a friend when she went on a road trip last summer. Since transplanting it and putting it in a nice sunny window it has strengthened and now has little buds on the stems. 

This one has made a few new plants as well. Two are just starting to root and another already has a small cluster of leaves. 



^ one of the cacti I picked up from the estate sale for Cactus House here on Gabriola. 


One of my Mom’s African violet transplants got knocked over by the cats and despite my effort to save it, the plant withered (I still have two left though). I filled its space in this planter with a couple of young plants. 



I also got a few strips of Bonlux LED grow lights and set up an aquarium/greenhouse for the succulent babies to see if it helps them grow faster. I’ll report back with my findings! ❤️




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