Read Along: Swing Time by Zadie Smith


It’s a new year and I’m hoping to get back into reading as I have been too busy for too long. I’m about to take an LOA from work, though, so I’m going to have lots of time very soon! To help me get motivated I thought I would do a read along with the blog, kind of like a book club. So are any of you lovely folks interested in reading along with me?

This month I’m going to read Swing Time by Zadie Smith and I’d love it if I could have someone to talk about it with! So today being the first of the month (March) I’m announcing the book to be read, then on the 1st of the next month (April) I’ll create a thread to talk about the book with my review/impressions and some favourite quotes. I’ll also announce the book I’ll be reading for the month of April. I’d love to carry it on that way for anyone who may be interested in joining in ❤

Anyone out there interested in reading some new Zadie Smith with me??


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