We Got a Bunch of LARGE Pots


We got lucky this weekend and my Mom dropped off a load of large pots that were leftover from her move, and we could finally upgrade some of our larger plants. This was very, very exciting! Here is the load of pots including 2 (at the top of the picture) that my Mom bought at Woodwards department store before it was closed and the woodsquat began. There is also a large pot with a dragon on the side and a turquoise rim that my Mom got before I was born and was on the driveway of the house in Horseshoe Bay where I grew up.


In addition to these pots, we picked up the last available set at the London Drugs by the ferry terminal where they had small, medium, large, and extra large pots in black and dark blue on sale as a set for $29. Woo! I’ve never been able to afford large ceramic pots for my plants so it’s funny that all these pots fell into my lap at the same time, and we could upgrade all the plants that were still in plastic or way-too-small pots all in one go. Here’s what we did with them today:


This aloe has grown SO MUCH it’s insane! Here is is when I first brought it home (you can see more here):


And some shots of what it looks like currently:


We finally got it out of this crappy plastic yellow pot, and it looks like it was pretty happy for some new space! I used the pot that is older than me for this one as it’s the most sentimental pot and also my most sentimental plant as I’ve had it for a long time and it looks great now. I can’t get over how nice it looks now.





^ Stunning!! I never thought I would have a giant aloe plant like this one. And it was only $4 from GIRO hahaha. It’s got a nice sunny spot in the living room now with my other large-ish aloe and the avocado tree we grew from seed (!!!).


It snowed out this morning (UGH) so we did all the planting inside and made a huge mess haha.


Momo helped us out. He seems lonely since losing Millie. 😦



A few months ago I snipped some bits off this pothos I was given and they did really well! The one in the living room is starting to grow quite a bit so I thought I would plant it in some dirt and see what happens. I can’t believe how easy this plant is to propagate.



I also moved this little fern into a much larger pot so it can grow and grow and grow. We are really into the idea of ferns right now.


Some of my smaller aloes were looking a bit sad so we moved them into larger pots as well. I picked up a nice ceramic pot from value village for $8 and moved one into there. The little grey pot is now home to the first little cactus pup I pulled off one of the larger ones I have. I wasn’t planning on trying to separate any of the pups from the established plants, but truth be told this little one actually got stuck to my butt and I pulled it out of the pot as I tried to sneak past it haha.







^ This is where the little pup came out. I had a hard time pressing it down into the soil with my fingers so I put a cup over it and pressed it down to keep from poking myself. Seemed to work well enough!


^ The monstera got a new pot as well! Some shots of the living room plants.




And the downstairs collection:


We put some pots outside as well – the goji berry plant needed to be moved and J discovered that it had some shoots already so we were able to get 2 additional plants potted as well. Yes!! 3 goji berries! We also noticed that our olive tree tried to grow some olives last year ha. Neat!




^ Little goji berry


That’s it for now, filling all the pots felt like a huge achievement for the day! πŸ™‚



  1. They all look so lovely! I get so excited when I get hand me down pots, we are lucky to live in an area where our neighbours seem to be constantly tossing them out.
    Also your bunny is adorable!

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