Top 10 Tuesday: My Favourite Covers


Never judge a book by its cover… blah blah. I definitely judge a book by its cover! This may be a terrible practice, but I often am heavily influenced by the cover design of a new release when making book purchases. This isn’t a top 10 because I couldn’t narrow it down, so I just included any of the covers that grabbed my attention while I was flipping through the shelves. I love large text with bold colours, really graphic designs, modern florals.


Some authors have a specific style and their books are all branded the same. I like finding similar editions when I’m out thrifting (I’m such a nerd), and here are some of my favourites that I have collected:

Haruki Murakami:


Ali Smith:


Zadie Smith (she has the best cover designers!!):


Aldous Huxley:



Does anyone else have any favourite covers?? I’ve got a bunch of favourite sci-fi covers as well, but I’ll do that post separately because they deserve their own spotlight haha.


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