Spring Cleaning the Pantry


Once upon a time we converted this weird storage room into a pantry, lined with shelving that I didn’t think we would ever fill (and I was very, very happy about it!) It’s been a few years but both the pantry and the cookbook shelf have finally been maxed out. I haven’t been doing much cooking and I kind of forgot what was in there, so this afternoon I gave it a good reorganizing, transferred some new bagged items into jars, and junked a few things that were really old. I noticed recently that a mouse had gotten into a bag of pasta, but thanks to the glass jars everything else on the shelves is clean and safe. The system works! So now it’s all neat and tidy in there again and I’ve taken a good look at what we have that needs using up. I love this little room!


^ How did I end up with so many lentils?!



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