How to Build a Lap Loom 2.0


A very long time ago I made my own lap loom to use for weaving, and the How To post I put together has been my most popular post EVER. By like, a lot. So maybe I should take a hint and post a bit more about weaving. As has happened with the rest of my hobbies, I haven’t had time to do any weaving in months and months, but I did recently pick up another lap loom that I wanted to show. This is a slightly more advanced version of the one I made and would be just as easy to put together.


This one (which I got at Giro for $4!) has an adjustable frame that allows you to weave in different sizes on the same loom. To do this you could modify the simple DIY frame by adding some drilled holes on the sides and a cross piece with nails secured with bolts. Or you could put together a larger frame with the adjustable cross piece for a wider variety of size options.



Here is the back side showing the bolt and the adjustment holes.



I found a few rolls of warp string at VV a while ago so I thought I’d string the frame up and see how it looks.



Here is the larger frame compared to my first one.


Here’s a shot of my first lap loom frame and the new one I just picked up. Both very functional and cheap! Next month I will be taking a local class on weaving that I’m really looking forward to, so expect more posts about weaving 🙂


One comment

  1. Omg you’ve done such a nice job with this! I’ve done looming a few times before, but just to make some pretty minor stuff…The design and colors you chose are very pretty and creative :))

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