Garden Gravel Completed


We got one final load of gravel delivered and the enclosure is now totally covered. It looks SO AMAZING. In total we needed 6 cubic yards of gravel to finish things off, with a bit of the left over spread out over some soft spots on the driveway. Getting the gravel dumped onto the already graveled driveway was a smart way to make sure nothing was wasted!

After J spread out everything, our very kind neighbour gave us a picnic bench as he is preparing to move next month. The table transforms into two benches as well which is pretty clever. Here are a bunch of pictures of where the garden is currently. ❀





  1. this is an amazing transformation!! Your place keeps on getting more and more refined and perfected – and it started out pretty danged good to begin with. The table/benches is a sweet addition! The gravel just ties everything all together and you will avoid the mucky mud after the rains!
    Beautiful work J! Stephanie it is soooo great that you are documenting all of your progress – it is fun to go back to the first posts to see how it all evolved!! πŸ‘

    • Getting rid of the mud was so satisfying. It’s much cleaner and easier to walk back there now! It’s been a lot of fun being able to look at before and after photos 😺

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