Exploring Gabriola: The 707


There are many different trails on Gabriola, but I think my favourite network is the 707. There are a lot of trails that are all interconnected so it’s easy to walk for hours. I have a loop that I usually stick to, which I have tracked with my Fit Bit to show the path and distance. 6.15km is a pretty decent walk, I guess 🙂



I was walking on an unmarked trail within the 707 recently and I found a tree in the centre of a circular path and noticed that it was covered with little tokens. I’m not sure what the significance of the tree is, maybe just a notable stop for cyclists, but the little pins and coins were cute.



I love the birch trees and their “eyeballs” so much. I replicated this design in my tarot deck which I’m very excited to be almost finished.




There are also a number of old cars in the 707, slowly being swallowed up by nature. There are a few along the Old Centre Road trail. The one pictured below is usually inaccessible due to the stinging nettles that grow all around this trail. The nettles are already coming back up again which is neat to see. It’s almost spring, finally! ❤





  1. Yes that trinket tree is a great surprise – reminds me of the treasure chest on Decourcy Island! Someone always leaves some little thing in the Pirate’s chest.
    love the tree eyes too – they really are forest watchers. And the cars! whoosh – what great finds on your

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