Eco Heat Powered Fan


This winter has been a weird one, the cold just keeps sticking around. We are fully stocked with firewood but it’s all still green so we can’t burn it (ha!). We have a small amount of wood left that we didn’t think we’d even need this far into March, and that has helped us out but it has still been chilly around here! We were recently gifted a really nice heat-powered fan for the wood stove in our downstairs and I was super impressed with how well it works to distribute the heat. It uses no electricity, instead it is completely powered by the heat coming off the stove. The instructions say to place it at the back of the stove where it can then push the warm air out into the room, so that’s what we did and it has worked beautifully. I also think it’s neat that when the stove is cool the fan stops on its own. Science! I definitely recommend it for peeps with wood stoves. ❤


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