The Week in Books #3


Time for another the Week in Books post! Time is just flying by. I’m thrilled that it’s now SPRING at long last; time for warmer weather and reading in the sun. YES. This past week I managed to finish THREE BOOKS which means I’m getting back into the swing of things and I’m really happy about that finally happening. No books for 6 months = sad Taylor. 

I’m ready for April 1st and the read along post for Swing Time by Zadie Smith (!) The other books I finished were Birdie by Tracey Lindberg (which feels like a real accomplishment because I started reading this back in October and even brought it all the way to Vietnam with me and back, and only read about 30 pages. I couldn’t remember anything about it so I re-started and finished it off in just 2 days) and the Sex Myth by Rachel Hills, which was fantastic. Reviews to come. 

I picked up a couple new ones this week as well: The Mothers by Brit Bennett and Difficult Women by Roxane Gay, both of which I’m very anxious to start.



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