Beauty: Petit Vour March Box


Another month, another box! I am really excited about the March box from Petit Vour because it is all about the face, and my face needs a little love. Ok, a lot. Included this month is a small bottle of Galaxy Milk – Illuminating Beauty Oil from Kani Botanicals ($16), which I’m stoked about because I love shimmers, and hadn’t tried a shimmer oil before. I used it right away, of course, and LOVE IT. So shimmery, and with a nice scent to it. Big thumbs up!

Also included in the box is an Intensive Replenishing Face Balm from METTA ($12.50). It’s a vegan balm made with “rare East African” shea butter and cold pressed oils combined to make a smooth, slightly thick, facial balm. While it was a little greasy for my face, I do like the smell and will use it until it runs out to see if there is any difference in my skin. I also tried the Blue Yarrow + Geranium Cleansing Oil from Little Barn Apothecary ($8) right away and enjoyed it. I have a spray from Little Barn Apothecary and really, really love it. I also really like their branding, it’s so simple and clean. For this cleansing oil you apply a small amount to your face then apply a hot wash cloth to open pores, before wiping it (and any makeup you may be wearing) off gently without scrubbing. The scent is pretty subtle, but for a makeup remover/cleanser that is acceptable. It left my skin feeling very soft and it’s always nice to be reminded that a hot facecloth on the face is a thing that feels really nice.


The final item in the box this month, which I haven’t tried just yet, is a Rosehip and Clay Facial Mask from Formulary55 ($8). I still have one of Formulary55’s products from a previous box; a body polish scrub. I’ll have to use them together, I guess! I also love the branding for this brand, the paper pouch is a great idea.

Overall this was an excellent box with some great brands in it!



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