Beginners Metalsmithing


It’s Gabriola’s Isle of the Arts Festival (April 6-16th) and, seeing as I’m on break from work and suddenly have lots of time, I signed up for three workshops. The first one I went to was on Friday and it was called Beginners Metalsmithing. In the class we were given a tutorial on basic tools and techniques, then got to design and fabricate a piece of our own.

I’ve been really enjoying looking at the birch trees and their eyeballs while out walking, and wanted to replicate the design for a pendant.



It started with a piece of brass, and I drew my design on with a marker. Then it was as simple as cutting out the shape, filing the edges, and polishing the surface. It’s not perfect but it’s my first piece of jewelry and I am really happy with the final product! Maybe this is the start of another hobby for me haha. ❤








  1. wow! really nice – I especially love that your inspiration was the “watcher” eye in the trees! They really are a beautiful “nature” designs.

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