Brightening the Bedroom


A few years ago we painted our bedroom a deep dark turquoise, transforming it into a cozy cave that I loved. The last 6 months have been pretty difficult for me and I’ve found lately that the room is a bit too dark and gloomy and we are in need of a change. To freshen things up J painted the whole thing, ceiling included, a crisp white (Benjamin Moore CC-20 Decorator’s White). It made a HUGE difference! It’s bright and clean, and the plants have enough light now to stay healthy. It’s a lot easier to see the clothes on the clothes rail as well, it was pretty dark in here before haha. I’m going to miss the murky swamp water colour, but this is the perfect change for a fresh start and the springtime!





I have a large hoya and a monstera plant in here now, with a little hen and chicks succulent. There is so much more natural light which is obviously much better for the plants. I’m pretty happy with the change! It’s so easy to change the whole atmosphere of your home with just paint. ❤


^ Before (which I still really love the look of!)


^ After, much brighter!



  1. I agree! the dark colour was really neat for that dark nest feeling, but with our dark and rainy all the time, the fresh white walls and ceiling are a – well, breathe of fresh air!! Well done!

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