Moon Box: Full Moon in Libra (The Pink Moon)


It’s time for another full moon! This moon (it was on the 11th) is known as the Pink Moon (the April full moon is always the Pink Moon), and the Moon Box for the month is all in super cute tones of pink. 

From the Gaia Collective email:

Planet: Venus // Sign: Libra // Element: Air

The land is blooming and the season of Spring is in full swing!

This April Moon gets her name from the wildflower, ground phlox, which most rampantly spreads pale pink color flower buds like a blanket over the well-hydrated Earth. This will continue for a short and tentative period of time, as young flowers await their full blossom



The box this month is great, I LOVE the new packaging for the tea blend and oil roller! The cardboard tubes are a nice touch and, I assume, biodegradable. The tea blend is loose inside with the cloth tea bag included. The blend includes elderberry, nettle, hibiscus, rose, chanca piedra, wild cherry bark and goji berries. The oil blend for the full moon in Libra is clary sage, Egyptian geranium, fur balsam, Bulgarian lavender and vanilla. 

Also included this month is a scented candle from Full Moon Remedy, which actually surprised me quite a bit because it looks exactly like the scented candles I just made, it’s even the same gold tin! Bizarro!! The second item in this box is a glass pot of Whipped Shea Butter with sweet orange and clary sage from Body Brewed. Both items smell great and are a good size. 


The crystals this month are rose quartz (love stone), kyanite wand (mitigates fear, helps you to think before you speak), and moonstone (femininity). The pieces I got this month are a decent size and the rose quartz is very pretty. I also really like the marbling in the moonstone I received. So I’m still really enjoying this Moon Box subscription, and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to tap into the phases of the moon and their energies. 





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