Studio Plant Shelf


I recently did a tidy of the small sun room/studio just off the bedroom, and relocated my shelf of succulents from the front window of the sun room to the wall at the back to maximize light and keep the view out the windows unobstructed. I managed to collect quite a few plants!



Some of the cacti I picked up at an estate sale recently have started to flower! I’ve never had a flowering cactus so I’m excited to see the blossoms.


The light in this room is so amazing, and it gets wonderfully warm during the day. It faces east so we can see the sunrise and get all the soft morning light. The plants love it! The ceiling fan keeps things from getting too hot and all the windows have screens on them which is pretty perfect. Does anyone else collect plants? I’d love to see people’s collections!




  1. I love that sunroom! what a cheery place to work, and for the plants to get incredible light.
    Will be interesting to see what colour the blooms are!

  2. I love your sun room and your succulents are so beautiful. I bet they are loving all the sunshine too! Have a lovely weekend!!!

    ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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