Recovering Chair Seats


We finally got some dining chairs this past week at a neighbour’s garage sale! They are still in great condition and just needed some new fabric on the seats. They are also black (which matches the table) and from Ikea so they’re kind of nice. Good score! Coincidentally, I just picked up a large piece of black vinyl at Value Village for $3.99 and it was more than enough to do all four seats. I was pretty glad to be able to use it right away, it was totally going to just get crammed in a drawer otherwise haha.


To start with I gave all the chairs a good wipe down, then unscrewed the seats and removed them. I then laid out each wooden seat on the scrap of vinyl and cut each piece to fit over each of the 4 edges.




To attach the fabric I started by putting a single staple in the center of each side to hold the vinyl on evenly. I then went to each corner and stapled it in place as shown in the pictures: I started by pulling the corner up into a pyramid shape and stapling it down. I then pulled either side of the vinyl up and staple it in place to make a neatly wrapped corner.



This neat and tidy corner fits over the leg and there is no bunching. Yay!



Once all four corners were wrapped and secured, I was able to staple the rest of the fabric down around the edge of the chair seat, as shown below. Then you simply reattach the seat, in this case I returned the 4 screws to the corners with a screwdriver.



THAT’S IT. So easy and they look great! Look at me go, I took in some furniture that needed recovering and I did it right away… what’s happening to me haha. ❤





    • Thanks! Value Village has locations everywhere, I think in the US they go by “Savers” instead. There is one in Nanaimo and another in Victoria that I usually shop at 🤑

  1. You did an amazing job! nice folds at the corners, and as you say, no bunching. Very professional.
    They look fabulous with the table – your creativity never ceases to amaze me babe!!

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