Read Along: The Break by Katherena Vermette 


The Break by Katherena Vermette! This was a well put together story about an assault that happens to a young girl, told through the eyes of friends and family that are all connected. The characters are all female, which was a neat aspect. I also appreciated that there was a family tree for reference, otherwise I would have been lost! 

The book started out strong for me, then ventured away from the characters involved in the assault and focused more on reactions from others, which is a great way to tell the story but I felt most connected to the young girls. Vermette gives chapters to a variety of characters before bringing it back to the initial few introduced and I thought that wrapped it up well. 

This book is about family, women, and how we come together in the face of crisis. I’d love to write a more in depth review, but I’m heading out of town today and ran out of time! Is anyone else interested in The Break?

For the month of May I’m going to read Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Please join me! See you June 1st for the next read along post ❤



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