Moon Box: Full Moon in Scorpio (The Flower Moon)


Another month, another full moon! May 10th was the full moon in Scorpio, also known as the flower moon. The Moon Box this month from Gaia Collective is very pretty, and includes some nice self-care items along with the crystals. For the Scorpio moon I got to drink a cup of tea made with passion flower, rooibos, hawthorn, holy basil, cinnamon, burdock and peppermint, then smell the oil roller with scents of blood orange, lavender, sweet marjoram, hyssop, black spruce and peppermint. After that there were bath salts from Malachite & Elephant scented with vetiver and lavender, and rose hip seed body scrub made by With Love, From Molly. Pretty nice!!



The crystals this month are red calcite, mangano calcite, and black tourmaline. I love the striations in the light pink mangano, and I’ve always been a big fan of black tourmaline so I was happy to see it in the crystal bag this month.

Like the look of the Moon Box? You can get more info here!





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